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Whats the catch?

cODE: DUD344

Orange Everyday Benefits

Use our promotional code and receive $75 cash!

  • You must use the promotion code DUD344 when creating your account

  • You must deposit $1000 into the account within 14 days

    • This can be withdrawn at any point if you no longer wish to use the account

  • You must deposit $1000 a month to avoid ATM fees


How do I get my $75?

Step 1

Write down the code DUD344


Step 2

Click on the link below




                Or go to

Step 3

Enter your details, our code & create your account

Step 5

Wait up to 14 days for your $75 to be deposited


Step 6

Enjoy your account or simply withdraw your $1075

Step 4

Deposit  $1000 into  account


ING ORange Everyday


  • Question: Do you work for ING Direct?

    • Answer: No we are not associated with ING Direct, however we do receive $75 for every person who signs up using our promotional code DUD344.

  • Question: Do I need to leave $1000 in my account to avoid ATM fees?

    • Answer: As long as you deposit $1000 or more, you can withdraw your money at any point in the month and still continue to avoid paying ATM fees.


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