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Best vs Worst Suburbs

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Data Sources

  • Q: Was this site made by the WA Police?

    • A: No, this site is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the WA police or the Australia Bureau of Statistics.

  • Q: Can I republish and/or share the visualisations featured on this website?

    • A: You are welcome to republish and share our maps and charts, provided you provide a reference to our website when doing so.

  • Q: Where does the data come from?

  • Q: What are the limitations of your data?

    • A: Given the 2016 Census data has not yet been released, Perth Crime Map relies on the 2011 Census to understand each suburb's population and the resulting Crime Rate. Consequently, Crime Rates are likely to be inaccurate for suburbs on the urban fringe that have experienced significant population growth since 2011 (e.g. Wellard).


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